Our Work

  • Destination Wedding

    Planning an event as special as a wedding in no easy task but with access to exotic wedding destinations and exceptional professionals we make your glorious event a lifetime memory.Udaipur, a magnificence wedding destination is known for its palaces and lakes. The city’s architecture completely blends modernization with tradition, giving you a perfect setting for your dream wedding.

  • Wedding Decor

    Event management is neither rocket science, but it definitely takes a certain skill set; namely an obsessive attention to detail, countless hours of planning and the ability to think on your feet to find solutions to problems that will always pop up on site. Pendulum Events is a Leading Wedding Management Company in Udaipur. We help you in organizing your different events at affordable prices.

  • Wedding Theme

    Theme Parties can be magical and wonderful events but can also need some careful planning. You wouldn’t just play some music from a specific genre and call it a theme party would you? Our fab range, which is listed below has some great ideas.

  • Logistic & Hospitality

    Logistic & Hospitality is one of the most tedious jobs to make your guests feel important and contended, whilst getting equipped with tons of tasks for the main event. Pendulum Events is an associated with well-known event companies for Logistic & Hospitality Wedding Services in Udaipur.

  • Photo & Video Shoot

    Pendulum Events makes capturing your story -- professionally, artfully and completely -- within reach and real easy. Our professionals are personally selected for their skill and dedication to telling your story. With coverage starting at a remarkable price and personalized packaging, receiving the high-end service your wedding deserves has never been easier.

  • Artists & Entertainment

    Our aim is to assist our clients to get the best for their investment made and make task of presenting a great show as easy as possible.We organise all over including Film, Television, Radio, Commercials, Concerts, Print, Hosting Shows, Episodes, Music Licensing and Industrials.We treat each and every one of our unique talents as individuals and aggressively market each into the areas for which they are best suited.

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Yugal Sahu

Founder & Managing Director